History of New Covenant Presbyterian Church

    New Covenant Presbyterian Church was formed over 30 years ago by joining two congregations

                 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church on Broad Rock Road in South Richmond and                    

                      Drewey Bluff Presbyterian Church in the South Richmond area of Bensley.  


                 A beautiful bell tower is in front of the church which you can see from the street.  

                       This bell tower was originally from the bell tower of Drewey Bluff Church.

                         As of December 31, 2020 the membership of New Covenant has voted to close the church.  The member roll has been transferred to Southminister Presbyterian Church on Hull Street Road.   BLESSINGS TO ALL


New Covenant is a congregation which grows in faith and shares the faith with others.   At New Covenant you are welcomed as part of the family, accepted for who you are, and find encouragement and friends.  There are many opportunities to reach out to others in caring ways. A community of individuals of all ages, learning from one another.

We hope you may visit us.  Your talents, faith, questions, and dreams would enrich us and we want to offer you our friendship, and Christian Love.


 If you have questions about New Covenant please don't hesitate to email the church.  We will answer the request as soon as possible.


FACEBOOK:  New Covenant Church, Presbyterian

New Covenant is active in mission and service, both locally and around the world.  We strive to be generous with our time and our money in ministries of compassion.  As disciples of Christ, we seek to find ways for each person to respond to human need and make a difference in the lives of others.  Some of our mission activities include:

Presbyterian Church World Wide Missions

Friendship Cafe

Christmas Mother - Chesterfield County

Food Pantry - St. Augustine Church

Support Homeless Veterans


Heifer Project

Chesterfield County Choral Society


Women at New Covenant are invited to attend circle meetings the third Monday of each month.

Bring lunch, dessert and beverage is provided.

There is time for study, friendship, educational time to learn about and contribute to projects of the denominational organization Presbyterian Women.


The group supports mission projects around the world as well within our community.  A strong presence to assisting those with caring and support within our congregation.

"Fear not, I bring you good tidings for all nations"